5 Unexpected Ways to Use ACTIVE Target Marketer®

5 Unexpected ways to use Active Target MarketerACTIVE Target Marketer® is the newest member of the ACTIVE Network Activity Cloud® family. Where Activity Cloud helps with planning and benchmarking your events, Target Marketer does the same for your digital marketing efforts around those same events.

Not only are we excited to tell you about it, we already have unusual ways that Target Marketer is being used. How, you ask?

While Target Marketer just hit the market, our beta testers have been busy test driving it for several months. And let me tell you – They weren’t just kicking the tires. They started using Target Marketer in some really interesting ways.


Here are 5 unique ideas they gave us:

  1. Track Organic/Direct Traffic
    1. Technical Set-Up: Add the ACTIVE Target Marketer short URL on their website pointing to their ACTIVE registration page for that event. When they also use Target Marketer for every other digital ad campaigns, they can instantly see which registrations are coming from direct and organic traffic vs. other channels.
    2. How it works: When someone goes to the website from a non-marketing campaign and clicks that link, a cookie is downloaded that lasts for 30 days. As long as they register within that timeframe, they will be grouped within this organic link campaign. It doesn’t matter if they interact with another campaign because Target Marketer uses a first-in attribution model.
  2. Measure Affiliate Marketing Efforts
    1. Technical Set-Up: Set up a unique campaign for each affiliate and name that campaign with the affiliate’s name.
    2. How it works: Each affiliate will only use that link and in return, you’ll not only know where they added the link, you’ll know exactly how many registrations that affiliate is responsible for. No more crunching numbers! Giving them a cut of your revenue went from hours of analysis to a few seconds.
  3. Measure Email Efforts
    1. Technical Set-Up:While we’re working on a more comprehensive email tracking solution, you can still use Target Marketer to measure your email performance. Simply use a link generated from any messaging campaign, or create a unique campaign, and add that link in your emails.
    2. How it works: If you add the link within your emails, the same tracking will occur as any other digital ad channel.
  4. Perform A/B Tests on Platform Ads – View performance of same ads on different platforms
    1. Technical Set-Up: Set up a single campaign for the ad or similar ad with different sizes. Then use the shortened URL link every time you post from that ad link.
    2. How it works: ACTIVE Target Marketer automatically tracks the referral source. Therefore, every website where the ad appears will be recorded, along with how many registrations have resulted from that ad placement. It does not matter if you are tracking across websites or across social platforms.
  5. Perform A/B Message Testing – View performance of different ad messages on the same screen
    1. Technical Set-Up: Create two campaigns. For easy reference, name the campaign by the message along with an A or B. For example: “Early Bird-A- Sign up first” and “Early Bird-B-Early bird gets worm”. When you place the ad, keep the variations in the same ad group or assign them similar budgets. Also, make sure their landing pages are fairly similar.
    2. How it works: ACTIVE Target Marketer will automatically track where the ad shows up and how many registrations result from each ad message. Once the data is in, you will know which message is producing better results and can place more confidence and budget into that message.


ACTIVE Target Marketer® uses a first interaction attribution model that lasts for 30 days. What does that mean? Target Marketer ties a registration to the first interaction someone has with your digital marketing. A registration will be tied to that interaction regardless of how many interactions they have with your marketing within a 30 day window. After 30 days, the tracking starts all over with their next interaction.

To learn more about Active Target Marketer®, click here.

As a final note, what’s even more amazing about Target Marketer is that there are still more ideas out there. We know our users will find even more applications for ACTIVE Target Marketer® and we would love to hear about it. Please share your ideas in the comments section below.