Activity Cloud to Provide Unprecedented Data Insights to Endurance Organizers

worth1kwordsblogimageAt ACTIVE, we understand how important it is for activity organizers to have access to data that fuels growth. Our new data insights platform, ACTIVE Network Activity Cloud®, utilizes more than 15 years of endurance industry data to provide just that.

We’re very pleased to announce the launch of our widely anticipated new solution to event organizers who will now have access to actionable insights that will increase both registration and revenue while offering valuable participant trends.

How it Works

Using mathematical and statistical algorithms, ACTIVE Network Activity Cloud® seamlessly weaves together data from thousands of events and millions of registrations with powerful insights such as participant propensity, social media trends and household demographics. Event directors may then access simple, yet powerful intelligence to help solve immediate business needs and maximize revenue.

What You Can Do

  • View the real-time progress of registration and revenue goals along with an analysis of the competition level—all on one screen.
  • Layer your events, competing events and social media conversations about events like yours on an interactive Google map to create a comprehensive profile of registrants and potential registrants.
  • Set specific revenue targets and enact dynamic pricing strategies that ensure those goals are reached.
  • Create and optimize marketing and advertising campaigns from one unified interface.

More to Come

An expanded marketing interface with built-in social media automation and optimization will launch within ACTIVE Network Activity Cloud® this summer.

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