Target Marketer Post to more than one account example

Answer: ACTIVE Target Marketer.

As if seeing true ROI on your digital campaigns wasn’t good enough, ACTIVE Target Marketer now streamlines your organic social media posting. Post to multiple social accounts at once. For example, post to your personal and business Facebook accounts at the same time, send out a quick message on Twitter and Facebook with the same click, or do all three. With our newest technology, you can link as many accounts as you want and then send the same message across various accounts and social platforms.

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Trusting Data with validity and relavancyYou don’t need to read the results of a national survey to know that we’re surrounded by statistics every day. From pop culture surveys to political polls and economic impact studies to race finisher reports, we’re constantly receiving new understandings about the world around us. What makes these stats interesting to us is their relevancy and reliability. How do these findings tie to what people are doing, seeing or feeling in their personal or professional lives? How do they impact the actions someone will take? In addition, they need to be accurate. Statistics and generalizations are at times just thrown around. Industry press releases take results from one survey and make huge proclamations. From this, we as a society have become rather skeptical and need the information that we rely on to be steeped in something concrete – and that something is usually big data.

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Big Data is the most popular phrase or keyword in the marketing world, these days. But sifting through the insane amount of data that we all put out on the Internet is an intense feat. Social media listening, also known as social media monitoring, analyzes and compares billions of social billion points related to a company, product or brand. With social listening it is easier than ever for a brand to gather insights that can help them understand a market for a new product or service.

How do brands use social listening?

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good data expensive agencies acl blog

There’s a whirlwind of data swirling around every business. The super-big, super-rich ones are making consultants and agencies rich trying to grab it and monetize it. That’s one of the reasons we created Activity Cloud for race directors—to bring access to sophisticated insights you’d normally shell out a bunch of budget to see.

According to a recent report by Foundation Capital, a venture capitalist fund that helped the likes of Netflix get off the ground, the future of data to drive growth rests in software, not agencies or consultants. In discussing the role of the marketing executive, the report explained how technology only represents about one percent of what marketers spend today, Umbel, a data insights blog, summarized.

Come the second quarter of the 21st century and that will radically change, both the report and Umbel predict.

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Traditional methods of figuring out consumer attitudes seem to be failing a younger generation of marketers. With millennials taking center stage in the business world and Generation Z slowly trickling into the workplace, PepsiCo’s consumer insights team—the marketing arm of the company that focuses specifically on figuring out how consumers feel about the brand—knew they needed to switch things up.

According to Digiday, a media publication, PepsiCo, the parent company of Pepsi, Frito-Lay and Tropicana, amasses an abundance of data through focus groups, grocery store cash registers, e-commerce portals, ad surveys, etc. but making sense of it all internally has been a challenge. So, they recently overhauled their data collecting system to make it a more fun and engaging process for their employees.

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Marketing, like just about every other aspect of your business as a race director, is an endeavor best undertaken with data on your side. Using the information you have on your participants—gathered through software analytics, surveys, social media and even anecdotal—you’re adequately equipped to create a participant personalization strategy.

What is a participant personalization strategy for race directors? It’s a way of sending relevant messages to past, present and future registrants based on what you know about them—or what you can infer based on the data you have. It boils down to knowing your audience. It’s critical for race directors to understand your audience (not who you think your audience is) and what type of marketing content they may want to receive.
Luckily, you don’t have to spend too much time on this strategy.

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The data-mining strategy American grocer Kroger employed the past few years is actually pretty simple. Find out what people like, then offer them discounts on those items. The company is obviously doing a lot of things right, landing at #261 on Forbes’ Global 2000 list of the largest publicly traded companies, and ringing up more than $108 billion in sales last year.

As a race director, you can learn some valuable lessons from Kroger on how to collect data about your participants and when to use the results to drive revenue.

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would you share data with competitors imageThere’s a saying often credited to Wallis Simpson—duchess of Windsor, late aunt-in-law of Queen Elizabeth and all-around controversial historical figure: “You can never be too rich or too thin.”

Data is the same way—it’s never a bad thing to have a lot of it. In fact, the more information you have about the things that matter to your business, the better you are able to make informed decisions that will impact growth.

For that reason, data co-ops have existed for some time to help companies in the same industry—yes, that means competitors, too—anonymously share their information in one database.

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Walmart is a behemoth of a business success as the world’s largest company by revenue with operations all over the globe. There aren’t many businesses that can (or want) to come close to Walmart’s size, but the big-box retailer is still a treasure trove of interesting lessons that businesses of all sizes can explore.

Case in point: data.

Walmart is heavily invested in customer data that will increase revenue and customer satisfaction.

Here’s how Walmart is using data to grow (and what you can learn):

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layers of data acl

Data is valuable, but data that you can accurately interpret and use to make better business decisions is priceless. For that reason, it’s important that stand-alone data be interpreted against other data points to provide a fuller picture of trends and behaviors. In other words, layers of data offer meaningful insights and context that solve business needs.

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