Creating an attractive race may sound easy, but there is mountain of work that happens behind the scenes before the pistol ignites with a bang!  As a race director, being organized and making sure logistics like shirts, water, volunteers to operational procedures to understanding marketing metrics is essential for a successful event.


Question: Why is this so hard and what is being done to make it easier?

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5 Unexpected ways to use Active Target MarketerACTIVE Target Marketer® is the newest member of the ACTIVE Network Activity Cloud® family. Where Activity Cloud helps with planning and benchmarking your events, Target Marketer does the same for your digital marketing efforts around those same events.

Not only are we excited to tell you about it, we already have unusual ways that Target Marketer is being used. How, you ask?

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Wicked Wine Run Activity Cloud Case Study

The true power of ACTIVE Network Activity Cloud® is its unique ability to give each of our event directors a competitive edge in an industry saturated with many consumer endurance race choices.

How can it do this? By providing actionable insights from big data.

Many event directors may have shied away from using data to plan their events because it was too time consuming to extract valuable information, especially when their primary focus is creating a great experience for every single registrant.

This is a story similar to Krys Davis, Founder of Wicked Wine Run. ACTIVE Network Activity Cloud® turned her sea of data into insights that allowed her to:

  • Improve registrations for her San Antonio race by 20%,
  • Build better relationships with her vendors
  • Coordinate key processes leading up to each of her events

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