Creating and Retaining Race Participants in 4 Effective Ways


Creating an attractive race may sound easy, but there is mountain of work that happens behind the scenes before the pistol ignites with a bang!  As a race director, being organized and making sure logistics like shirts, water, volunteers to operational procedures to understanding marketing metrics is essential for a successful event.


Question: Why is this so hard and what is being done to make it easier?

Answer: ACTIVE Network Activity Cloud® makes designing a successful race simple because it does the legwork for you. Race directors have a competitive advantage of data insights; making preparation and planning easy. By providing actionable insight from big data, Activity Cloud® is a valuable tool helping race directors retain participants year over year.


  1. Acquisition through ACTIVE Participant Tracker®


Imagine knowing who your audience is and where prospective participants are searching for events (like yours) in an area.  Well, ACTIVE Participant Tracker® does just that by granting directors the insight into participants’ and their behaviors. By understanding where your registrants live, where your competition is and where the social buzz is gives race directors the chance to be ahead of the game when planning and building out an event.

What exactly are the capabilities of ACTIVE Participant Tracker®?

 We thought you’d never ask.

ACTIVE Participant Tracker® is an interactive map programmed to focus on these areas of an event:

  • Event Locations
  • Registration Timeline
  • Social Interest
  • Historical Interests

For Race Directors Krys and Sam Davis, utilizing Participant Tracker revealed a new market opportunity and helped refocus their marketing efforts to attract new registrants.

“As soon as we saw the amount of San Antonio residents in the Austin event, we knew we needed to try harder to put a race in San Antonio. When we did place it in San Antonio, we looked at where participants were coming from during the first week of registration, which we had never done before. Through that first month, we were flabbergasted to see that the largest population of registrants was from three hours away in Corpus Christi. We completely changed our marketing strategy because we normally only target people within a one-hour’s driving radius. With Activity Cloud, it showed very clearly what was happening.”


  1. Behavior Reports with ACTIVE Target Marketer®


In addition to driving year over year acquisition, Activity Cloud has another feature that helps attract new participants to an event. ACTIVE Target Marketer® helps race directors organize, execute and manage digital advertising and marketing campaigns directly from the site. By using this unique dashboard, race directors will save time and money by directly targeting potential registrants. Holla!

Ever wonder what people are saying about you?

 Well, now you know… With ACTIVE Target Marketer®. Tracking and measuring social media platforms, this dashboard increases insight into audiences. Through this interface, directors have access to detailed statistics, communication with followers, track engagement and performance, and examine a comprehensive analysis of who to target across all social media channels. This application not only lets directors get-to-know their audience, but also gives them a better indication of how to serve them.

For Race Director, Mark Harris, ACTIVE Target Marketer has been useful for forecasting and planning purposes for his event management team.

“We haven’t really had a single event yet that we’ve tracked in Target Marketer that

wasn’t where we thought it would be.”


  1. Remarketing with ACTIVE Intelligent Insights®


Ever swam in a sea of data? Us, too. At first, it can be confusing, overwhelming and at times intimating. But then you reach the surface and realize it’s really not bad after all… ACTIVE Activity Cloud can be a lot like you’re first time swimming. The platform offers efficient data insights that can be leveraged to entice prospective participants and appeal to alumni participants’ year after year. An added benefit to this super-stellar-tool is it reminds race directors of important deadlines and registration dates. It’s basically like a lifeguard helping monitor that you’re not drowning or getting caught up in the commotion.

ACTIVE Intelligent Insights also helps in planning by viewing key metrics for your events and update your goals to ensure success. It displays registration and revenue status, participation reach, revenue analysis, performance timeline and real-time insights. All this data can assist race directors in creating an amazing event experience echoed across the internet by participants through hashtags, photos, videos, live streaming and the golden ticket: peer-to-peer recommendations.


  1. ACTIVE Revenue Generator®: Propels Money Forecasting


Many races are created in hopes of becoming an annual event that runners look forward to year after year. Participants want to return when an event is well organized and FUN! ACTIVE Revenue Generator® was created to help directors develop a perfect event by monitoring performance and forecasting for future events. This portal can develop strategies that will assist organizers achieve goals and budget for the upcoming events.

So, what’s next?

We thought you’d never ask.

ACTIVE Network Activity Cloud® is more than a rich data provider, it comes with a spunky support team eager to assist race directors with growing their event in the endurance space. To take a test drive and learn more about ACTIVE Network Activity Cloud, click here.