Fall Season Spending Slows in October

fall season spending slowsEvent organizers lowered registration prices by 12% in October, falling to $35.00. With the drop in prices, competitors paid $4.95 less to participate than they did in September.

Most Expensive Regions by Registration Price

  1. Northeast
  2. West
  3. Southeast
  4. Southwest
  5. Midwest

Participants preferred to stay close to home in October, traveling a median of 17.50 miles for events compared to 20.60 miles in September. Not only were registrants less willing to travel, they waited a little longer to sign up for events. On average, they tended to sign up a median of 7 days closer to the competition date.

Future Planning: When planning for your upcoming events, be cautious given that January had below-average registrations and events held in 2015.