Keep ‘Em Coming Back

HarrahsWhen it comes to customer service, Harrah’s has been used as an example of a casino that “gets it.” Ten years ago, when Harrah’s introduced their “Total Rewards Frequent Gambler Card,” it was seen by some as risky and too expensive, but it proved to be another industry disruptor that caused the competition to reconsider.

The concept was quite straightforward. Harrah’s would collect data on their customers, and then using their identifying information, such as name and address, the casino could follow their activity while they played. When a customer swiped their card in the machine it would identify them, and they could play like normal, but they were also able to score points that could be used for discounts on meals, hotel rooms and other perks. The system doesn’t use any information about their income, but rather their value to the casino based upon how they play.

Instantly, Harrah’s began to learn things about their customers that they might not have known prior to the roll out of the program. Based on the information they collected, Harrah’s reorganized the layout of their casino similar to the style of a grocery store. Popular slots were placed in the back, and higher margin games like roulette and blackjack were placed in the center of the space while more expensive slots were placed around this “party pit.”

The results were significant. The amount spent in this area increased by 5 times. Profit margins increased by 15%. But when the casino makes money, that means gamblers are losing money, and long term, this keeps a casino from being sticky.

So they turned to the data again.

Here’s what they learned, everyone has a point at which they are no longer willing to lose more money. So to make the casino more sticky, when the Total Rewards Card holder reached their point, a “Luck Ambassador” would drop by, and give them an extra $5 to play with, a free meal, or maybe a complimentary hotel night.

The result: The person still lost their money; they kept playing; they came back.

Whether or not you think this is genius or despicable, the facts are there. Proper analysis of data can give you insights that you can use to make your event sticky.

So what do you know about your participants? What would you be able to determine from an analysis of participants that you could use to add to your event or how could you change your event to the number of people who return to your event?

Soon you’ll be able to seamlessly get insights into who is participating in your events instantly. ACTIVE Network | Activity Cloud™, to be launched later this year, includes the ACTIVE Participant Tracker™ with access to demographics, behavioral and social trends, and segmentation data for your event as well as your competitors.

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