How do you post to multiple social accounts and platforms at once?

Target Marketer Post to more than one account example

Answer: ACTIVE Target Marketer.

As if seeing true ROI on your digital campaigns wasn’t good enough, ACTIVE Target Marketer now streamlines your organic social media posting. Post to multiple social accounts at once. For example, post to your personal and business Facebook accounts at the same time, send out a quick message on Twitter and Facebook with the same click, or do all three. With our newest technology, you can link as many accounts as you want and then send the same message across various accounts and social platforms.

The process is easy. First, select which accounts you would like your messages to live. Currently you can post to any account on Facebook or Twitter. If you would like to post to another platform, you should use the ads builder feature to add tracking to your message campaigns.

Target Marketer screenshot of multiple accounts to select for message builder

Then, write your message and insert your picture. The picture will be appropriately sized to the dimensions needed an either platform.Target Marketer screenshot of image upload in message builder

Finally, choose the date and time you would like to send and you’re ready to publish. If you need recommendations on when the best time to post is, we can provide that as well.

This article on how to post to multiple social media accounts or platforms was written for users who already have an understanding of how Target Marketer works. If you need more help, never hesitate to reference our help center to find key how to articles or contact support for personal guidance: 

You may be asking: This sounds great, but I still want to track my ROI in Target Marketer. Does it do that?

The answer is yes! When you create a post in ACTIVE Target Marketer, tracking codes are automatically added, and your posts will start collecting results instantly. If you go in and boost your posts, the tracking will still stand.

No one makes it easier to generate marketing campaigns and messages that track back to actual registrations.

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