Rev 3 Adventure Becomes More Efficient with Shareable Data

rev3-adventure-activity cloudACTIVE Network Activity Cloud® and Rev3 Adventure

Rev3 Adventure is an adventure company that puts on more than 100 outdoor events each year, with offerings for extreme athletes, weekend warriors and everyone in between. Based out of Front Royal, Virginia and led by Race Directors Mark Harris and Mike Spiller, the team has been using ACTIVE Network Activity Cloud® to manage data and better direct their marketing efforts. In the time they’ve used Activity Cloud®, they’ve seen improvements across the board in terms of money and time spent, return registrations, and most importantly – their relationships with affiliate partners.


Many race directors use Google Analytics for website performance tracking and campaign performance, but Rev3 Adventure wanted to be able to track how their web traffic was being converted into race registrations.

The answer came in the form of ACTIVE Network Target Marketer®, which allows Rev3 Adventure to see exactly how their marketing campaigns are performing.

“I no longer have to guess my marketing ROI,” says Harris. “Target Marketer shows us what is actually converting to registrations.”

For instance, if they run a campaign report on Facebook, they can measure how many registrations were generated. This allows them to analyze the numbers and decide if they should change any variables within the campaign.

Harris explains: “Before Target Marketer, we were able to see trends, prices changes and clicks from marketing campaigns, but we were not able to see how that campaign converted to registrations.”

Now, using Target Marketer, the team can track conversions and see if a specific campaign’s run is effective.

“It takes the gut feel out of the marketing process and helps us be smarter with our time, resources and money,” says Harris.

 Download the Rev 3 Adventure ACTIVE Target Marketer Case StudyClick to download Rev3 Adventure target marketer case study


Before Rev3 Adventures started using ACTIVE Network Activity Cloud®, the team used spreadsheets to track year-over-year data, manually compiling multi-year analytical information. This method was time-consuming and prone to human error.

With Activity Cloud®, compiling the year-over-year report takes less than a minute. Also, the information is correct and reliable, pulled directly from the Activity Cloud® platform. Having reliable data compiled in quickly allows Rev3 Adventure to dedicate time to cultivating relationships with partners who trust them to know what they’re doing.

“Any race director in the market for a different platform, needs to make sure that provider can store the data and provide analytics on a year-over-year basis,” Harris says, “because that data is gold for building trust and an improved reputation with an event partner.”

 Download the Rev 3 Adventure ACTIVE Network Activity Cloud Case StudyClick to download Rev3 Adventure activity cloud case study


Ordering supplies for a race is a fine art for any race director. These supplies can be costly and some require a long lead time. Over-ordering can easily destroy a race budget, but under-ordering can make your customers never want to return. ACTIVE Network Revenue Generator® provides predictive analysis to ensure you know exactly how much to order to accommodate your race’s needs.

“The predictive analysis is spot on and has helped us with making smart decisions,” Harris says of using Revenue Generator.

In fact, Rev3 Adventure races boast an 80 percent repeat participant rate.


Race events bring tourism dollars to local businesses. In some cities, travel governing bodies offer marketing grants to large events that can prove their value in tourism traffic. ACTIVE Network Participant Tracker® gives Rev3 Adventure the data they need to show their race events bring people in for their events.

Before Participant Tracker®, the Rev3 Adventure team would pull zip codes out of reports and plug them into Google Maps to show a data point for their Run & Ride events.

“We currently use Activity Cloud as a geolocator,” says Harris. “This makes the process a million times easier.”

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