Spending Surges in September


Registration prices in September were up 14%, rising to $40.00. The median discount amount remained at $10.00, and was applied to 22% of registrations.

States with the Highest Event Revenue:


1. California
2. Wisconsin
3. Tennessee
4. Georgia
5. New York

Competitors favored 5K events over other distances yet again, despite a decline in participation since August. 5K events accounted for 37% of event registrations nationwide in September. Mountain biking and walking events saw their popularity rise the most over the month. Registrations for mountain biking were up 1,217%, while walking events brought in 97% more participants compared to August. Alternatively, open water swim (-77%) and clinic/camp events (-67%) underwent the largest dips in participation. Running events continued to be the favorite amongst participants, making up 69% of registrations in September and increasing registrations by 53% since August. ACL Industry Report