Trusting Big Data: Reliability and Validity of Activity Cloud

Trusting Data with validity and relavancyYou don’t need to read the results of a national survey to know that we’re surrounded by statistics every day. From pop culture surveys to political polls and economic impact studies to race finisher reports, we’re constantly receiving new understandings about the world around us. What makes these stats interesting to us is their relevancy and reliability. How do these findings tie to what people are doing, seeing or feeling in their personal or professional lives? How do they impact the actions someone will take? In addition, they need to be accurate. Statistics and generalizations are at times just thrown around. Industry press releases take results from one survey and make huge proclamations. From this, we as a society have become rather skeptical and need the information that we rely on to be steeped in something concrete – and that something is usually big data.

At ACTIVE, we understand the skepticism and would like to answer a common question we often hear from our customers when presented with our industry trends and insights:

“This industry data is interesting, but do you have data from businesses like mine and how is this relevant to me?”

While every event is unique, our big data helps to flatten outliers and offer true insights into trends and behaviors for each type of endurance event. ACTIVE Network Activity Cloud® is our robust platform that consolidates thousands of activities and uses the data that is most relevant to your event to let you know where opportunities exist, and where some activities might bring you to a stalemate.

Our exclusive data creates pioneering insights into the complex endurance market. Our platform pairs internal and external data sources to provide a comprehensive picture of the market for each customer, unique to their needs.

What makes our data insights unique? Why should you take heed and listen?

  • We provide an unparalleled combination of rich historical and current data: Our endurance registration data dates back to 1999, over 16 years, and we use this data when modeling our algorithms. Because the endurance industry is ever-changing, we use a combination of current and historical data to provide reliable recommendations. This enables us to quickly identify outliers when looking at a trend in its full perspective.
  • Our market size and leadership position captures the essence of the industry: With millions of new data points added to our system every year, our data is statistically significant even when it is broken down by region or event type.
  • We go beyond our own expertise: In addition to our proprietary data, we supplement with third-party resources, like the US Census. This melding of information provides the most comprehensive view of the market, industry and trends.
  • We get YOU: With the granularity of our data, we are able to serve up information that’s specific to your event, making our insights even more relevant. You are able to compare your event against others in the region, others in the same event size and also learn about those competing activities around you. The goal is to provide insights that are applicable and actionable and help you meet YOUR event goals.

Not only do we have proven internal data, we enhance it with additional external data. For example, we’ve integrated census data to bring better demographic information by ZIP code, which allows us to re-enforce our findings. At this point, you may be wondering: How does it all work. Here are the main pillars that support our platform:

  1. ACTIVE DATA PLATFORM: Hundreds of databases housing billions of data points are consolidated into a single, common ACTIVE Data Platform. Domain and market-specific taxonomy enables decision support.
  2. COMPLEX DATA ANALYSIS: ACTIVE’s global team, including behavioral science and data experts, along with MIT researchers, evaluate and interpret all data. ACTIVE Network Activity Cloud® uses mathematical and statistical algorithms to consolidate data from ACTIVE’s proprietary data platform and third-party inputs to curate the most important ideas. This allows customers to access simple, yet powerful, insights that solve immediate business problems.
  3. FIRST-HAND MARKET KNOWLEDGE: Product, sales and marketing teams are in constant conversation with customers to understand the most important questions, issues and opportunities they face.
  4. ACTIVE NETWORK ACTIVITY CLOUD® provides actionable insights into the health of an organizer’s event and optimization tools to increase participation and improve revenue.

So how can you take advantage of the rich data insights we provide?

Simply ask us. Our ACTIVE Network Activity Cloud platform is available and open for business.

We offer information on all types of endurance events, including duathlons, triathlons, running, cycling, MOB-style races, swimming and much more. With 10 event categories and 28 subcategories, we have the endurance market covered. And, we can tie that data directly to events and event categories being organized by you.

To learn more about ACTIVE Network Activity Cloud®, click here.