Worth 1,000 Words: Visually Present Data for More Impact

data analytics

Data is only as valuable as the tools you use to interpret those numbers and thusly, make better business decisions.

That’s why ACTIVE Network Activity Cloud™ not only gives you access to tons of data points, but also makes them simple to interpret by utilizing visual analytics.

According to The Power of Visual Communications, people interpret visual information like maps and timelines about 60,000 times faster than text.

Elissa Fink, chief marketing officer at Tableau Software wrote that while data-driven decision making is imperative to stay ahead in competitive industries, being able to visualize that data is the key.

“The ability to visualise data in charts and diagrams as opposed to having to scan through multiple lines of numbers not only saves time, but also allows marketers to interact with their data to discover answers that would otherwise be hidden,” Fink wrote at FourthSource, a digital media marketing website.

With ACTIVE Participant Tracker™, one of ACTIVE Network Activity Cloud™’s features, you are able to visualize your events, using maps to see where registrants are coming from, where similar, competing events are taking place and who’s talking about your event on the Internet. You can also get a picture of different neighborhoods, using demographic data to help you determine where to host future events.

These visual features may be especially important if you need to present your data to someone else or justify a business expense. Instead of sending a spreadsheet that needs to be poured over and analyzed before any real meaning emerges, you can use maps to quickly prove your point.

For example, if you want to launch targeted Twitter ads to promote your race in a few zip codes, you could use the “social interest” heat map to find where people are searching for events like yours on ACTIVE.com. You can choose to promote heavily in those areas, or promote in other areas to get people in new zip codes interested in your event.

However you choose to use visual analytics, they’re certain to provide just as much depth as text, with more impact.