Event directors gain the competitive edge to stand out in the endurance market

Finally, a tool for race directors who want to accelerate their event growth and revenue

With ACTIVE Network Activity Cloud you can plan, price and market your next event with sales forecasting, competition analysis and more.

See trends and predict the success of your races and events

Performance Insights

Use past performance data of your events – and others like yours – to change the outcome of your events today, next week, next month.

Event Forecasting

Predict Inventory and resources requirements to positively impact profit margins and participant experience.

Manage Professional Relationships

Easily share participation trends in order to maintain long-term relationships with Sponsors, vendor and other third parties.

ACTIVE Intelligent Insights® allows you to see all the key metrics for your race and update your goals without having to run and export reports.

Competition Level

Measures whether the number of events competing for participants in your area is high.

Registration and Revenue Status

Displays your registration progress towards your stated goals in real-time.

Participant Reach

Provides an estimated population of potential registrants likely to be interested in your event.

Performance Timeline

Shows your event performance over time and projects future registration and revenue results.

ACTIVE Participant Tracker® gives you insights into participants and their behavior. Understand where your registrants live, where your competition is and where the social buzz is. Develop campaign ideas to access new participants searching for activities like yours in the area.

Event Locations

Locations automatically mapped on an interactive Google Map.

Social Interest

View pockets of conversation on social media about running and map ACTIVE.com® event searches near your race to see where there may be new opportunity to gain additional registrations.

Registration Timeline

Watch registrations occur, by event category, over time and view them on a map to see their origins.

Historical Interest

Find where participants from past events similar to yours have come from and develop marketing that targets their location.

Revenue Generator helps you monitor your performance goals so you can develop strategies that will help you achieve your budget targets. Manage, forecast, and optimize your revenue by adjusting your pricing real-time.

Event Performance Timeline

Compare your current revenue and registrations progress to your best event and set new success records for your event.

Projected Revenue

Keep an eye on how much money you’re going to bring in from registrations and make sure your daily rate matches what you need to cover costs and more.

Projected Participants

Make sure your registrations continue to increase to meet your goals.

Dynamic Pricing

Maximize revenue by setting new price breaks based upon more than just date. Add new rules that govern when the price can change based on revenue targets, registration levels, or use all three at the same time.

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"If you work with any type of event partner, they look at you as an organization that can deliver intelligent information to them in a timely fashion. With Activity Cloud, we’re able to provide that data which certainly improves our reputation and their trust in us." Mark Harris
Race Director at Rev 3 Adventures