ACTIVE Revenue Generator®

Revenue Generator helps you monitor your performance goals so you can develop strategies that will help you achieve your budget targets. Manage, forecast, and optimize your revenue by adjusting your pricing real-time.

Projected Revenue

Keep an eye on how much money you’re going to bring in from registrations and make sure your daily rate matches what you need to cover costs and more.

Projected Participants

Make sure your registrations continue to increase to meet your goals.

Event Performance Timeline

Compare your current revenue and registrations progress to your best event and set new success records for your event.

Dynamic Pricing

Maximize revenue by setting new price breaks based upon more than just date. Add new rules that govern when the price can change based on revenue targets, registration levels, or use all three at the same time.

Everyone has a budget and financial goals, and ACTIVE Revenue Generator® helps you stay on top of your results and adjust pricing accordingly to make sure you ensure your event’s success.