ACTIVE Target Marketer®

Plan, execute and manage digital advertising and marketing campaigns directly from ACTIVE Target Marketer®. You'll save time and money, by accurately targeting potential registrants using a unified interface.

Campaign Performance

Track and measure the performance of your campaign, gaining new visibility and insight.

Overview Dashboard

Track your marketing campaigns throughout your event lifecycle and understand their impact on your registrations and revenue.

Event Marketing Funnel

Get detailed statistics and analyze the performance of your Twitter and Facebook marketing campaigns from message creation to event registration.

Message Builder

Communicate to your followers across social media channels without leaving ACTIVE Network Activity Cloud.®

Ads Builder

Generate short links to track engagement and performance on all digital marketing campaigns without having to mess with complex tracking codes.

Data-Driven Recommendations

Get detailed guidance that improves performance of your marketing campaigns by providing demographic profiles, keywords and locations to target.

Message Measurement

Compare single messages to your overall marketing with laser-sharp focus.

360° Marketing View

Examine a comprehensive analysis of who to target, at which times and with what messages.

Unified marketing and advertising interface saves time and money, empowering you to plan, execute and manage campaigns across multiple mediums.