Now, membership directors can grow their organization by retaining more members.

Membership organizations can easily manage teamwork, retention risk and opportunities.

ACTIVE Network Activity Cloud is the product you need to identify who’s ready to leave, and who’s likely to stay. Gain visibility into your team’s progress and opportunities in your market.

Insights grow YMCA Membership

We take the data from ACTIVE Net® and merge it with industry data from across the U.S. to better understand membership behavior. With this, YMCAs are growing their memberships and creating better relationships with their members.

See trends and predict the success of your membership organization

Membership Retention

Better predict the behavior of your current members and identify where you can create the biggest impact.

Communication Workflow

Prioritize every contact in the system and allows membership staff to track all membership communications in the cloud.

Centralized Data

All stakeholders know exactly what is going on with the membership efforts of your organization.

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ACTIVE Intelligent Insights allows you to quickly understand your performance as well as the key risks and opportunities you face in the coming months. Review insights by Month, Quarter or Year.

Membership Performance

Counts current memberships and breaks them out against newly acquired vs. retained members.

Retention Analysis

Breaks out risk level of all current memberships with a demographic profile of each risk group.

Revenue Analysis

Shows the current revenue for memberships and tracks it against your goals.

ACTIVE Membership Tracker visualizes your data on a map. See where your members are and filter them by risk level and other key factors. Overlay census data to gain a true understanding of your location and find key pockets where new members may reside.

Member Locations

Map your members location on an interactive Google map

Prospect Targeting

Better understand the areas around your organization to find more prospects.

Census Overlays

Understand more about your members and prospects by understanding the areas in which they live.

ACTIVE Contact Manager scores each member up for renewal. Not only will your team have contact information at their fingertips, they can prioritize by likelihood of renewal.

Workflow Management

Track team communications with members and prospects in one place.

Contact Prioritization

Know who you can contact to make the biggest impact.

Multi-User Updates

Work at the same time in the cloud.

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Take action and achieve your retention goals.

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