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Easily create, track and tie performance to revenue – without extensive technical skills.

Active’s Target Marketer is your marketing and analysis platform. Understand how to target your audience across every channel.

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A way to discover whether my digital marketing is producing actual results!

Discover what works

Track your marketing from ad click to event registration. Measure email marketing, social media marketing and more.

Access Guided Insights

Get unique marketing recommendations based on your event performance. Target Marketer does the work for you.

Integrate with ease

Generate short links to track engagement and performance on all digital marketing campaigns without having to mess with complex tracking codes.

ACTIVE Target Marketer allows you to get more interactions in social media by being your virtual assistant. Powered by data insights, you get the recommendations and assistance you need to create a real impact. Let us handle the details so you can put the fun back into social media marketing.

Schedule posts

You can now publish at the right time for every channel. Write all your weekly posts at once and let the tool do the work for you.

Post Simultaneously Across Channels

Whether you have multiple Facebook accounts or need to post the same message across different platforms, you can use our message builder to accomplish just that.

Increase Engagement

We use data insights to tell you when people are most likely to interact with your messaging. Now you can not only reach the right people, you can reach them at the right time.

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ACTIVE Target Marketer® allows you to plan, execute and manage digital advertising and marketing campaigns directly from ACTIVE Target Marketer®. You'll save time and money, by accurately targeting potential registrants using a unified interface.

Campaign Performance

Track and measure the performance of your campaign, gaining new visibility and insight.

Overview Dashboard

Track your marketing campaigns throughout your event lifecycle and understand their impact on your registrations and revenue.

Event Marketing Funnel

Get detailed statistics and analyze the performance of your Twitter and Facebook marketing campaigns from message creation to event registration.

360° Marketing View

Examine a comprehensive analysis of who to target, at which times and with what messages.

Track all of your digital marketing efforts in one place.

By including our exclusive short links on your posts, all of your social media marketing, email marketing and digital ads are consolidated with performance stats. You can also create campaigns to compare similar messages across platforms. Now you really can compare apples to apples.

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